Pampering Your Pup At Home

Sometimes, after a long week of work, there is nothing like spending a weekend at home with your best furry friend.  Here are some ideas for how you both can unwind and reinforce the human-dog bond right at home.

Spa Time Anyone?

Nothing says de-stress like some much needed spa time!  While you are waiting for your facemask to work its magic, let your dog unwind with you tonight with a nice relaxing oatmeal bath to sooth dry winter skin.  Follow up the bath with a nice blow dry and brush out to remove any tangles or matting and a dog massage to ease tired joints.  If hands-on bathtime is not your cup of tea, call a mobile grooming service and book some time for your favorite dog right in the comfort of their own home!

Dinner for Two

If you are anything like me nothing gets your spirits up like the smell of comfort food coming from the kitchen!  Why not let your dog share in your mad cooking skills by making it a meal for two.  Skip the kibble tonight and whip up a healthy meal fit for a King, or Rex or Ginger. . . . you get the idea.  Just make sure your homemade gourmet delight is safe for canine consumption by using a dog-specific recipe.  You can find some of our favorites here.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

While your winter may or may not involve the frosty paradise from Felix Bernard’s classic song, enjoying a long walk in mid-February is a wonderful treat for your dog.  Lace up and head out for some human-dog quality time.  Plus, time spent outdoors has been shown to be great for reducing stress levels for humans dogs alike.  Take the long way home and let them enjoy themselves as they stop and sniff (and in some cases, mark) their way along the trail.  

Toy Time!

At the end of day, what your dog wants most of all is time with you.  Get down on the floor, grab their favorite toy and give them the night of their life in the form of a serious play session.  Play is an excellent way for a dog to release energy, reduce stress and bond with their owner.  If you are feeling ambitious, you can even make your own toys – Pinterest is full of fun ideas for that.  Or, if you have time, stop by your local pet store and bring home a new treasure for your pup (for help on selecting the right toy check out our recent article).

Whatever way you choose to spend your weekend “in” Smart Dogs wants to help you make it the best day ever!  Check out our past blog posts for training tips, toy information and more.