Are you looking for a jump-start or faster track for your dog’s training progress? Are you busy with life and trying to juggle everyone’s needs? We have the solution! When you let your dog stay and learn with Kristy and Ian in their home, your dog will be mentally & physically stimulated while getting lots of love and snuggles. The focus will be on your top training priorities. Your dog will enjoy training sessions, walks, socialization with people and dogs, and participation in field trip opportunities.

We are dedicated to the entire process. After your dog’s stay with us, we ensure that everything learned transfers back into your home and that you know exactly what to do.

The Lodge & Learn program at Smart Dogs is an immersion training program in our loving home environment. It is an efficient and effective way to get things under control quickly. You will see notable increases in your dog’s self-control, confidence and obedience.

We teach your dog appropriate reactions to situations that arise in your everyday life. For the safety, pleasure, and comfort of our Lodge & Learn  canine guests, we only take a few dogs at a time. This allows us to spend the maximum amount of quality time with your dog. They will be taught manners, skills, obedience and good behavior appropriate for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Here are the most common Lodge and Learn options:

  1. 5 day express (Double the training in half the time)
  2. 8 day express (Double the training in half the time)
  3. 10 days
  4. 15 days
  5. 30 days



  • 5 Acres of private woodland and prairie paths with pond
  • 6500 sq/ft. Outside Play Area covered in Pet Safe Grass Turf
  • Agility Course
  • Private courtyards
  • Zero-Depth pool
  • Waterfall
  • Ball  Pit

Inside Training Room

  • 1500 sq/ft training room
  • Heated floors
  • Treadmill
  • Small and Large Treadwheel
  • Plenty of toys  

Village Suites

  • Large luxury themed suites
  • Safari, Palace, Vineyard, Rodeo Drive, Bora Bora, Cottage
  • Private TV’s for movies
  • Private entrance to their own courtyard
  • Deluxe  comfy dog beds
  • Heated floors
  • Concierge services
  • Luxury spa bath,
  • Nail clip, blow dry
  • Special requests
  • Holiday theme parties


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