Just like their human owners, pets enjoy a little pampering too!  If you are looking for ways to spoil your puppy prince or princess, check out these three options right here in Naples!



Love the feeling of a fresh hair cut?  So does your dog!  In addition to keeping them smelling clean grooming also has health benefits.  Regular visits to a groomer keep your pup’s coat shiny, healthy and mat free.  Also, because the groomer will be inspecting and cleaning both their ears and teeth, a groomer may be able to detect early signs of illness in these areas.  This is especially beneficial for floppy-eared dogs that are more susceptible to ear infections and older dogs that are prone to dental problems.  Don’t forget the “pawdicure”!  Keeping Fido’s nails trimmed keeps them healthy as well as clean.  Click here for a list of groomers in Naples.



If you are a yoga fan this one is for you!  Doga uses yoga poses, meditation, and gentle stretching to help dogs and their owners strengthen their bond.  It is good for dogs large or small and should always be done under the direction of a certified instructor.  In Naples, Doga is offered by BKS Yoga Studio as a private session with the instructor and her dog.  To learn more about Doga at BKS, visit their website at BKS Yoga Studio. 



Massage is great way to pamper your beloved friend.  Anxious or nervous dogs often find massage to be a calming and soothing experience.  Older dogs can find relief from stiff or arthritic joints and aching muscles.  Even athletic dogs can benefit from massage as part of their warmup routine as a way to improve circulation and mobility.  Naples Canine Concierge offers light touch canine massage services for dogs of all sizes and ages.  They also offer group classes for owners that want to learn how to provide this bonding activity at home.  Check out their website at Naples Canine Concierge for more information.


There is nothing like a good day of pampering to make your companion feel like “top dog”!  Today’s owners have a variety of options to pamper their pooch that go beyond the bath, including bonding opportunities through massage and Doga.  For more information on the range of services available in Naples, check out our resources page.  Happy pampering!