About Us


We are Ian and Kristy Dilworth, owners of Smart Dogs Training and Lodging.

Let’s us start by raising your expectations. This is our home, our life and we’re on a mission. Smart Dogs Training and Lodging is a unique, state-of-the-art, Dog Resort located on 5 acres in Downers Grove, Illinois. We have constructed an immersion-style “Lodge and Learn” training program within our loving home setting to offer you a healthy alternative for your dog. We also offer “In-Your-Home” training where we can work with you and your family to accomplish your goals on your schedule at your convenience. We are both members of ASPCA, ADPT and IACP, as well as CPDT-KA certified.

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Ian Dilworth

For over 10 years, Ian has found abundant joy and companionship working with dogs of all ages, breeds and temperaments.  His extensive experience has given him a broad knowledge base and multi-disciplined skills surrounding dog behavior and psychology.  Accomplished in several different training styles, he also enjoys identifying the best teaching methods that will facilitate both dog and their owner in having a healthy, happy and well-behaved relationship.

Kristy Dilworth

A passionate entrepreneur and dog lover, Kristy openly welcomes the challenge of a dog owner at their wits end, thinking there is nothing that can help save them from the stress and tension caused by their unruly, aggressive or seemingly un-trainable dog.  She equally delights in the process of turning that exhaustion, fear, and frustration into overwhelming joy and appreciation by revealing tools, skills and secrets the owner needs to successfully help their dog learn to be more balanced, happy, and healthy pets.

Let us help restore order to your home and help develop skills that will make your dog a well behaved member of the family.

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